Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 Recap

Going into this evening, there are only two episodes left of Stargirl's sophomore season! With The Shade's help, whom we don't believe we've seen the last of, Courtney, Cindy and the original Dr. Midnite have escaped the Shadowlands. But if Courtney is going to take down Eclipso the right way and avoid the mistakes of the first JSA, she'll need more help than Cindy Burman and Charles McNider. There is a big list of obstacles to overcome, re-powering the cosmic staff, getting Rick out of prison, bringing back Yolanda from her despair, finding Thunderbolt and the Pink Pen and keeping Eclipso at bay. Not an easy list to accomplish but we know Courtney is up to the task, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Home Alone: Buddy the dog is home alone and he is living it up! He goes to take a pee on Cosmo when the staff wakes up. It looks like Cosmo is all better. Four hours previous, we catch up with Beth and Jenny. They are investigating the second location of where The Shade was said to be. The second source was some kind of darkness residue that Jenny's ring reacted to and fried. Pat and Charles discuss what Eclipso might be up to and what could hurt him. Being a sole of darkness, light can hurt him. Both Green Lantern's light and the Staff will hurt Eclipso. Barbara, Courtney and Cindy set ground rules. Beth and Jenny arrive and Beth gets to meet Charles for the first time in real life.
  2. Dr. Midnite, Meet Dr. MidNite: The two Dr. Midnites work together to discover Eclipso's actual location. Two pairs of goggles are better than one. Courtney and Pat know they need all hands on deck, including Yolanda and Rick. Mike heads out to try and find Thunderbolt and whomever is using it. Jenny is resting after using the ring, the black residue might have gotten to her. Courtney finds Yolanda to try and show she isn't alone in her choice and they need her. Yolanda doesn't take the new information well and storms off.
  3. Pat Goes to Rick's Uncle: Pat asks that Rick's Uncle drop the charges against him. The uncle is unable to even speak and writes his response to Pat. He says Pat should "Go to hell". Pat doesn't take kindly to this answer and he is reminded that his days in the Army, well that put some bad in him too. Pat locks the door and closes the blinds... Mike finally finds Jakeem and he can provide the guidance needed to make Thunderbolt less chaotic.
  4. Shade Alive?: Barbara hears a shadow that might be The Shade but dissipates when Courtney returns home. Courtney confronts her mother about what her Shadowland mother counterpart said. Barbara sets her daughter straight and reminds her that she is the only one that can stop Eclipso. Cindy goes to pay a visit to Yolanda. Cindy uses a little reverse psychology along with revealing that Cindy was the one to leak her photos to rile up Yolanda. Maybe this will be enough to bring Yolanda back, if for nothing else to watch Courtney's back?
  5. Mike and Jakeem: Mike wants the Thunderbolt back but he tells Jakeem how it arrived in Jakeem's hands. Mike shares his admiration for Jakeem and Jakeem reveals why he feels happy to hang out with someone like Thunderbolt. Rick is released from jail where Pat is there waiting for him. Yolanda arrives at Courtney's home where she is worried for her friend. Yolanda agrees to come back while Cindy is on the team. Jenny was infected by the black substance and it is allowing Eclipso to see her. Courtney goes to speak with Cindy. Cindy offers advice that Courtney needs to be ready to really unleash her dark side to beat Eclipso.

In the final wrap up moments, Rick works to repair the hourglass, Mike and Jakeem do the dishes, Courtney and Yolanda suit up. Charles and Beth find Eclipso. It appears that his master plan is to find the inner darkness of Courtney and use her to take out everyone! Get a preview of next week's season finale of Stargirl season 2 aka Summer School below:

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#6 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 Recapmuckle9999 2021-10-27 19:43
Good episode in setting up next week's show. Glad that everyone is back together and I'm wondering what role will Grundy play now that Rick is back in action. Love the scene where Buddy is having a good old time running around the house. I was glad that Pat used fire to fight fire when dealing with Rick's uncle. And yes, the army does put bad in you which helps keep you alive in combat.
#5 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 RecapCatPat 2021-10-27 13:20
I just watched this week's episode... really enjoyed it. Mike is really good at being frustrated. I hope he finds his place in the new JSA, I wonder if he'll be this generation's version of Pat, as Pat is his father, or get powers. That ending was soon cool... evil Stargirl!
#4 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 RecapCatPat 2021-10-27 10:52
Is Ysa Penarejo, the actress playing GL's daughter, pregnant? The show seems to be trying to conceal her body with oversized shirts.
#3 Quite an hour of TVRobertAnthony 2021-10-27 10:32
Buddy the dog doing his thing I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred...which lead to a musical intro for those of a party wanting them (heh!) The pacing and writing seemed like watching a movie. And this sets things up for next week's season 2 finale...then comes Supergirl's big double ep series bow the following week. Then Armageddon with The Flash et al....interesting times coming up.

But that big burger in the frontyard....wanted to call it a MEGA Big Mac...but a certain food chain may say otherwise. Hmm...wonder if Big Belly Burger exists in Stargirl's world?

As for next week, does Courtney's dark side get unleashed ala Supergirl season one's "Falling?"
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 Recaprtrek 2021-10-27 07:24
I'm also wondering who Cindy was calling to come back. Maybe the survivors from the ISA to help go against Eclipso?
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 12 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-10-26 19:43
I think we all know Courtney will be able to break Eclipso, but seeing her staff glow purple, something about that is too scary

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