Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 3 Recap

Tonight feels like a fight night! There are a lot of big moments in tonight's all new episode of Stargirl and some huge reveals. We are welcoming director Lea Thompson back to the Stargirl family. She directed an episode last season and has directed tonight's episode as well as next week's! Also debuting tonight was Jim Gaffigan's Thunderbolt! Under the control of Mike Dugan, there were some hilarious mis-steps that ultimately lead to tonight's main event! The JSA Showdown with The Shade! Even when the whole JSA shows up at his door, there wasn't a moment of worry. Just how powerful is The Shade? There were a lot of great moments, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Eleven Years Ago: We open on the night where the ISA took out the Original JSA. Pat is working on the Rocket Racer where Ethan Embry's Johnny Thunder arrives. He's complaining that he's been benched for the coming battle due to The Thunderbolt's wild interpretations on wishes. Then the original Wildcat arrives and notes that the ISA brought Solomon Grundy and they need Johnny for the coming fight. Pat remains benched under the orders of Starman. Jumping ahead to present day, Mike is bullied for delivering his papers. Courtney gloats that she was right about The Shade. Mike gets a call that a paper delivery was missed and he uses the Pink Pen to write down the address for delivery. While Mike delivers papers all he sees is text saying to say "So Cool" which will free Thunderbolt!
  2. Thunderbolt is Free: Mike is now in command of the Thunderbolt! Mike attempts to use his wishes slowly to see how it works. He asks for a water implying he wanted a drink but the wish wasn't specific enough and water is dumped on his head. Mike then wishes to be taller, which simply puts him standing on a bench. The rules are revealed to Mike that you can't wish for the same thing twice, wish for someone dead, and can't bring back someone from the dead. At the garage, The JSA meet to discuss The Shade. Rick is late after leaving food for Grundy but hides it under getting a dog. Pat tells the JSA that The Shade killed Dr. Midnite and Beth wants justice for him. Barbara is curious about what is in ISA storage that The Shade would offer to buy it for tons of money. As she searches, Richard Swift appears out of the shadows. Barbara looks for her phone and Richard pulls it from the shadows for her. He's depowered it so Barbara can't call Pat. Swift locates the case of the Black Diamond but it's already missing. When Barbara says Swift can't take the box that held the Diamond, he blasts the power off in the room and vanishes into the darkness.
  3. Brain Tremors: Brainwave's influence and death at Yolanda's hand continues to haunt her. Courtney offers to help when the teacher calls them out for talking during class but Courtney has studied and is on course with her classes! Mike heads to get revenge on his bullies and finds them stealing from a girl scout. He wishes for the bullies to stop and drops stop signs out of the sky to force them to stop. The wish can't complete though until they actually stop and signs continue to fall! Courtney and Yolanda come upon Mike and Thunderbolt and bring him back to the garage. Pat demands to speak with The Thunderbolt after Mike can't give away the pen. Pat demands Thunderbolt calm down. He asks what Johnny's last wish was and we learn that he wanted the pen to find a new friend. He can only reveal himself to someone like him who is sad and feeling alone. This is how Mike is feeling too. Courtney and the JSA come to Mike's defense and ask that Pat allow Mike to use the Thunderbolt to help the JSA find the Shade. The JSA then attempt to write a full proof wish that won't backfire. After paragraphs of a wish, The Shade's location is highlighted on a map.
  4. The Shade vs JSA: Pat calls Barbara to clear the plan with her. They are going to have Yolanda and Rick restrain The Shade while Courtney blasts him. Dr. Midnite will hold him in a tanning bed until they can locate the proper authorities. The JSA infiltrate the old Zarrick house where The Shade is already waiting for them, tea and biscuits ready. The Shade offers them to sit at his table instead of fighting. Being heroes looking to use violence as a last option they choose to sit down. The Shade has no evil plans for Blue Valley but he is unwilling to reveal his true plans. Just then, Mike arrives thinking he's got the perfect wish for fighting The Shade but it has no effect on his shadow powers. Mike is knocked out and The JSA jump to fight but The Shade, without even getting out of his chair subdues them all. It is only Courtney's staff that The Shade can control. He yells for them to stay out of his way one last time before retreating into the shadows.
  5. Dealing Out Death: Mike and Yolanda speak about killing. Yolanda made the choice to kill Brainwave, where Mike didn't make the choice to kill Icicle, he just happened upon it. Yolanda can't relate to Mike about that and she continues to search for answers. Back at home, Mike accidentally wishes the pen to someone better and his wish is granted and the pen appears on Jakeem's desk. Pat and Barbara speak about their kids and how Mike is feeling left out. Barbara also cements her place in the JSA as a leader as well. She tells Pat about the Black Diamond. Something much worse is coming.

In the final wrap up moments, Beth and Rick share a moment. Beth want's Chuck back but can't get him, she can't get justice for Dr. Midnite and she finally reveals that her parents might be getting a divorce to Rick. Rick says she should speak with her parents about it. He would if he could. Just then the goggles spring to life and warn Beth about Eclipso's coming before dying out again. We end on The Shade at the top of the clock tower reading his shadow powers on the box that held the Black Diamond. He says "he" (possibly referring to Eclipso) is going to kill those children! Could the Shade be on The JSA's side?

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#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 3 RecapCatPat 2021-08-25 09:01
Best episode so far for season 2. I like that Mike essentially wished Thunderbolt to its weilder. I like the idea of Mike possibly being tempted by Cindy and her new ISA, but I suspect he may end up being Cindy's undoing. We will see, but I like where this is going. So, is it possibly Shade may be more frienemy than enemy?

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