Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 4 Recap

There is a looming shadow appearing over Blue Valley and this time we aren't talking about The Shade. Both Beth's goggles and Barbara's interaction with Richard Swift have led the team to realize that Eclipso is in Blue Valley via the Black Diamond! Barbara and Pat seem to know a little more than they are letting on but it is clear that the threat level has just escalated. In tonight's episode, Courtney and team will have to figure out more on what The Shade's intentions are being in Blue Valley, just what level of danger Eclipso poses, and whether any other unforeseen threats might crop up! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Sportsmaster and Tigress: Artemis goes to visit her parents in jail. The shot is very cleverly done as it looks like they are together but Artemis has to visit both jails to see her mom and dad. Back at Beth's home, Beth attempts to get her mom and dad on a date but fails. Beth's search for Eclipso turns up the first confidential result! Barbara and Pat talk about Eclipso as Courtney walks in. Pat explains that Eclipso is the devil in the shadows. He is a real evil! Pat and Barbara are visibly upset with the danger Eclipso poses. In the underground tunnels, Cindy speaks with Eclipso still trapped in the diamond. She is regretting killing her birth mother. Eclipso's manipulations continue to affect Cindy!
  2. Artemis Crock: Artemis is dropped off at school via her foster mom. Artemis isn't getting any of the food she is used to and she has tryouts today! On the football field she hears her parents wishing they were there to cheer her on. Mike on his paper route, is kidnapped by the recently escaped Sportsmaster and Tigress! Courtney offers Artemis an apple as a peace offering during school lunch. Artemis rejects it when Courtney speaks about her parents. Rick attends school and takes his test again to prove that he did study and is passed on to the next grade. His teacher is remorseful for doubting his abilities. Cindy emerges from the ISA tunnels to find Issac alone in the cafeteria. Cindy makes her pitch for Issac to join her team!
  3. Whitmore/Dugan/Crock Family Outing: Pat gets tipped off that Mike was kidnapped when Mike calls to tell him "two friends" are back in town. It turns out, the pair are only out of prison to support Artemis' tryouts. They ask for Pat to hide them until tryouts are over and they will voluntarily go back to jail. Back at Courtney's house, the couples hilariously share parenting advice between each other. Barbara and Paula actually do bond a bit over having such head strong daughters. At the Shake Shack, Yolanda has started a part time job and serves the JSA friends. The team review what they've learned about Eclipso from the library. We discover that Bruce Gordan was the only person to ever return from Diablo Island where Eclipso is said to have been summoned into the diamond. In the ISA throne room, Issac learns of his parent's true identity and discovers how to become his own version of The Fiddler!
  4. The Shade and Courtney: Courtney goes to "The House of Secrets" to get more books about Bruce Gordon. She is visited by The Shade in the darkness of the store. The Shade reveals a lot at the store. The Shade says he didn't kill the original Dr. Midnite, he hates that Courtney would suggest that he wants to team up with Eclipso. The Shade goes on to reveal that Eclipso killed Dr. McNider's daughter! The Shade speaks about the difference between good and bad people vs. true evil. He might have done bad things but he isn't the evil that Eclipso is. The Shade asks Courtney to leave Eclipso to him to deal with! Pat escorts Crusher and Paula to Artemis' tryouts. There is a college scout at tryouts and when Artemis sees her parents in the crowd she finds the courage to do better on the field. Cindy arrives at the tryouts and uses Eclipso to make Artemis think that Courtney was a swat member there to kill her parents and she rushes Courtney.
  5. Truth by The Crocks: Artemis is told by her parents that they aren't innocent. They note that this visit is a one time thing and that they are going to go back to jail so they don't hurt Artemis' options for colleges in the future. Courtney asks if Pat knew that Eclipso killed Dr. McNider's daughter. Pat knows more than he's told Courtney but it will have to wait until Courtney and Pat are done escorting the Crocks back to jail.

In the final wrap up moments, Artemis doesn't get into school because of her temper, exactly what Cindy wanted! Barbara and Pat reflect on not telling Courtney everything about Eclipso. Pat and Barbara know something about Eclipso and the JSA that will change the team forever! They agree not to tell Courtney to protect her but Courtney is not one to take no and seeks out The Shade for more info. Beth continues to work on the goggles and hears Chuck through the googles. We learn though, that it isn't Chuck speaking but actually the real Dr. McNider! He's been trapped for years in the shadow realm. He speaks The Shade's name briefly before being lost again in the Shadows!

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#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 4 RecapCatPat 2021-09-01 14:52
So, it looks like multiple bad guys may not be all bad?
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 4 Recapmuckle9999 2021-08-31 19:43
This was an okay episode but they need to step on the gas. Looking forward to next week.
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 4 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-08-31 18:16
Really loved the episode tonight, Crusher and Paula stole the show but learning about Dr. McNider was big too

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