Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 5 Recap

Forces are starting to gather against the JSA and Courtney's team might not be ready for the magnitude of what is coming! As we march into the fifth chapter of Summer School, Blue Valley isn't really looking like it's even summertime anymore. Darkness and cloudy weather seem to effect only the sleepy Nebraska town. Cindy Burman, still calling the shots with Eclipso, has a few more recruits to gather to her new ISA team just leaving Cameron Mahkent and whatever she plans for Mike Dugan to take place. Of course, there is something going on at the school as well since we see the full JSA in uniform arrive to deal with some kind of disturbance! The show is really heating up! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Farmersville, California 10 Years Ago: We open on Cindy as a young girl. Her real mother is still alive and she is having nightmares about her father turning her into something like him. It's clear they are hiding away from The Dragon King. As soon as the lights go out though, The Dragon King is there to take Cindy. Jumping forward to today, Cindy looks to approach Cameron but his grandmother is there endowed with the same ice powers to chase Cindy away. Courtney returns to Pat waiting in her room. Courtney wants more information about Eclipso and is relying on The Shade to help but Pat is there to share that Eclipso is turning the weather.
  2. Cameron and Courtney: Cameron returns to the school since it looks like it might rain. His sketch book dropped open and we see that Cameron has been drawing Courtney in his free time. Cameron's art professor encourages him to show Courtney his art. Cameron arrives in the studio to find Cindy there waiting for him. Cameron calls out Cindy for what she said in fourth grade and the two were about to come to blows when the art teacher interrupts. He is possessed by Eclipso as Cindy leaves.
  3. Richard Swift: The Shade arrives at The American Dream to speak with Barbara. She calls him out immediately as The Shade. The Shade says Barbara reminds him of someone from his family. He demands that Barbara tell Courtney to stop looking for him. The Shade says that he wants to warn Barbara to keep The JSA away. "They are far too young to face the horrors coming". At The Pit Stop, Beth tells Pat that she heard the first Dr. Midnite through the goggles. Pat notes that Eclipso can make you see and hear things and Beth should be cautious. At school, the art professor falls deeper under Eclipso's spell and begins vomiting paint.
  4. Mike and Zeke: Mike is looking for any way to be a part of the team. He is at Zeke's place trying to buy a car. Pat is trying to balance including Mike but also keeping him from the evil that is Eclipso! Pat offers Mike a project they could do together and Mike is elated. While Yolanda and Courtney are walking home from school, Courtney hangs back to speak with Cameron. Cameron shows Courtney his art and that he's been drawing her. Meanwhile at the school, Eclipso uses the art professor to paint his vision. Courtney and Cameron hang out together at his place for a bit. They almost share a kiss when Courtney is called away on JSA business.
  5. Weather Patterns Draw in the JSA: Beth has been tracking the weather with the help of the goggles. The epicenter is now at the school where the art professor is. The art studio is covered in black diamond paintings. Wildcat picks up one and sees Brainwave. Eclipso is trying to manipulate the JSA and their fears. Each member of the JSA start to fall. Eclipso is attacking each with their fears. Courtney ends up being the only one left. The art professor is fully taken by the Black Diamond's darkness and Courtney offers the light of the cosmic staff to pull him from Eclipso's grasp. Courtney is successful and the JSA is released from their nightmares.

In the final wrap up moments, the JSA debrief at The Pitstop. Eclipso is getting stronger that he can use his powers beyond the black diamond. Beth finally confronts her parents about their divorce. They haven't decided if they will go through with it yet though. Her parents don't give a good answer and ask to speak as a family that night. The ISA meet in the tunnels where Cindy, Issac and Artemis plan their attack on the JSA. Cindy points to Mike's photo. Her plans aren't fully known yet. Cameron, painting at the mural, drops his brush when it freezes over. His powers are starting to show!

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#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 5 RecapCatPat 2021-09-08 14:06
This had some good moments. Who does Barbara remind Shade of? Clearing Pat fails to see Mike's struggles and that will push him to the new ISA. However, I suspect the new ISA will be short lived, as they are pushing hard to make viewers feel sympathy for Cindy.

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