Stargir's Summer School Chapter 6 Recap

We've been telling you for a while now that episode six of this second season is going to change everything in Blue Valley and we aren't kidding! Cindy has gathered all the ISA children she can to help stand up against the JSA. Her new ISA includes Artemis Crock, Issac Bowin, and herself supercharged with the power of Eclipso! With Eclipso's powers growing to no longer be bound by the Black Diamond, Cindy could be wielding a weapon that might cause more harm than help championing her new ISA to victory. Of course, Cindy's always had a hidden plan when it comes to Mike Dugan. All is revealed and nothing will be the same, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Yolanda at Work: We open with Yolanda working at the diner. She is having a tough time with remembering orders but the real threat comes when Issac Bowin shows up and not only attacks her for her photos from season one, but also lets her know that he knows that she is a member of the JSA and that they took on Issac's parents. Beth visits her dad at his work with a book of possible romantic get-aways to fix their marriage. Beth's dad shoots her down stating that he promised to wait to speak with Beth only with her mother present. After being rejected, Beth calls Rick for help where she is confronted by Artemis who also let's her know she knows about the JSA. Pat and Courtney investigate the paintings at art school only the paintings of the Black Diamond and Diablo Island were real. Cameron arrives to find Courtney and Pat cleaning up. Cameron tells Pat and Courtney that Cindy was in town and they find a painting of her holding the Black Diamond. They realize that Cindy had been the cause of this all along.
  2. Zeke and Mike: Mike and Zeke walk the junk yard. Mike's rules are that he can't take apart or rebuild anything with wheels. Turns out Zeke is building a 12-foot long chainsaw for STRIPE and this gets Mike's imagination going! Walking through the junk yard, Mike is confronted by Cindy. Turns out that Cindy always thought Mike was useless and only wanted him for bait. At the Pit Stop, Pat goes to get into STRIPE and is ambushed by the new fiddler. Artemis shows up too and Pat gets beaten up pretty good. Artemis stops Issac from killing Pat stating that Pat's her dad's friend. They turn their attention on STRIPE and dismantle/destroy it. Pat, Courtney and Barbara are all at the hospital after the attack. The other members of the JSA arrive to find STRIPE destroyed. Cindy calls Courtney from Mike's phone. She gives the JSA one hour to face her in the school cafeteria or Mike dies. With Courtney going to face off against Cindy, Barbara calls The Shade to give him information.
  3. JSA vs ISA 2.0: Cindy calls out Courtney in the cafeteria and Courtney is not having it! The battle begins almost immediately and honestly it's more choreographed than the first ISA vs JSA. It's sincerely awesome how both teams work together and against each other. Beth is able to use the goggles to find Mike and free him. Artemis and Hourman go toe to toe battling through walls and bathrooms using their enhanced strength to the max. Courtney sees that the JSA and their fighting partners are matched evenly so she goes to switch up the opponents. This allows Wildcat, and Hourman to get the advantage on the New Fiddler and Artemis. Mike takes a hit on Cindy with a toaster freeing Stargirl, and the JSA all reform victorious. Cindy then pulls out the Black Diamond! Darkness shrouds the JSA but it's all absorbed by The Shade who's arrived for the Black Diamond!
  4. Shade vs Eclipso: The Shade demands Cindy surrender the Diamond but Eclipso takes over Cindy's body. The Shade attempts to control the darkness the Diamond is putting out and Courtney uses the staff to attack Eclipso who forces the Diamond onto the point of the staff! A full eclipse had appeared over Blue Valley and now Eclipso is freed from the Diamond! The ISA and JSA along with The Shade stand in bewilderment! Cindy is the first to attack the now freed Eclipso and he rips out one of her shivs! He uses it to stab Issac and then passes his judgement upon him. Eclipso eats Issac's soul! Seeing this, Artemis at least has the insight to run away. Cindy demands that Eclipso owes her. He tosses a piece of the Diamond under her and she is pulling into it. Stargirl tries to save her but shard's pull is too strong and she is trapped in that small piece of Diamond. The Shade takes on Eclipso but Eclipso says that his powers come from Eclipso's home and overpowers him! Only the Cosmic Staff has the power to hurt him and when Courtney does, Eclipso darkens the Staff and retreats hurt!  The lunar eclipse is undone.
  5. Shade Hurt: The Shade seemed to try and be on the side of the JSA but his defeat was quite powerful. His powers are unstable after his encounter with Eclipso. Barbara, Mike, Courtney and Pat note the day's events and feel like they've only bought themselves time with Eclipso running off after being hurt by the Cosmic Staff. Mike is scared, scared that he couldn't do anything against Cindy, but even more so that Eclipso is free!

In the final wrap up moments, the other JSA members reflect on the battle. Rick has a broken rib. The team is shocked by how Eclipso "eats" people. Eclipso hurt, reverts to his child Bruce Gordon persona. In this form he can corrupt and manipulate until he is strong again!

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#4 THAT FIGHT...THAT FIGHT...RobertAnthony 2021-09-18 15:44
was total epic-ness. Though Stargirl has been on the air two seasons, I have set up in my own mind, a Hall of Fame for the show...AND THIS EPISODE IS THE FIRST ENTRY.

Now we are cooking with gas.
Some Ultra 94 from Sunoco if you ask me. The dark tone is still there, but that fight would make anything from any superhero movie out there regardless of company. Pity I had to wait til Saturday to watch it thanks to PIX 11's airing a Mets game.

Shade to me is the ultimate "tweener."
#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 6 Recapmuckle9999 2021-09-15 16:16
WHOA! Now we are cooking with gas. This was without a doubt the best episode on the CW of the year. I thought the best line was when Mike called Cindy a Pom Pom psycho. However, I do miss the musical intro's.
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 6 RecapCatPat 2021-09-15 11:03
Wow, just wow! Best episode ever. I can't recall a better choreographed fight scene from Arrowverse in a long time.

The 1 hater that gave this episode a zero star rating, clearly didn't watch it.
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 6 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-09-14 19:22
Probably my favorite episode ever. Brec said their stunt coordinator was the director this episode and that shows!

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