Summer School Chapter 7 Recap

We have been saying for a while that episode six was going to be a game changer and it looks like you all agree! Some of our favorite comments were how "that fight scene could rival and movie fight scene today" and "Eclipso is absolutely terrifying"! We couldn't agree more. The staff vs Eclipso seems to have injured both and now they are on the mend. But as Pat said, Eclipso's way of healing is to manipulate, torment and punish. So while Courtney and the Cosmic Staff may be at 30%, you know Eclipso will target whomever he can! Our fears are that our young JSA members might not be able to get through the torment and that looks like exactly what's in store for Yolanda Montez! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Church Bell Rings: Yolanda is back in church sitting in the confession booth now armed with the knowledge that Eclipso is real and she wonders if the Devil is real. Yolanda continues to struggle with killing, but she is curious if she can be forgiven for killing something truly evil. Meanwhile, it's July 3rd in Blue Valley and the town is setting up for the fourth of July celebrations despite it being winter-like weather. Courtney is nursing the staff back to health and Pat and Courtney wonder why Eclipso hasn't made his move and how the weather gets worse. Barbara is the chair of The American Dream now and she suggests in liquidating their back stock to help out Oakville. After doing so, the meeting is adjourned and she is visited by something like The Shade. Whatever it is, its hurt.
  2. Eclipso at Richie Rock's: Grumpy Joe is back in the diner and Yolanda's server friend offers to take him. He demands coffee now and Eclipso takes over her and she pours the hot coffee directly on Joe's shoulder! Maria is sent home for the day and Yolanda notices young Bruce Gordon aka Eclipso. She gets him a lollipop and Eclipso seems to be sedated enough from the event. Courtney and Beth discuss plans to try and find Eclipso but with the worsening weather, Beth is at a loss for next steps. Cameron goes to surprise Courtney and is pushed into a wall since Courtney is on edge. They two stumble back from the incident and Courtney agrees to help Cameron put up decorations. Mike begins his JSA training with Pat. It's going to take a lot of work to repair STRIPE. Yolanda's visions are getting worse and she reaches out to Courtney, but seeing her with Cameron she decides to let her friend have a date instead. Yolanda returns to Church for guidance but the father has brought in her mother. The mother is already on the attack when the Father asks her to stop and provide care. Yolanda sees Brainwave leave the Church and she chases after him to see an open street.
  3. Visions in Summer School: The principal has come to take over the Summer School classes. Yolanda's visions are getting worse and worse and she isn't reaching out to Courtney for help. Yolanda thinks she sees Henry and chases after him. Henry tells Yolanda that he was never forgiven and for that he is burning in hell. This summons Brainwave in Yolanda's vision. Brainwave says he's with Yolanda forever when the vision breaks and we see that Yolanda never left the classroom. Courtney goes to assist Yolanda and suggests that it must be Eclipso doing this. Yolanda says she's been seeing these visions before Eclipso. Courtney suggests they tell Rick and Beth so they can face these issues as a team. Mike continues his training and sees the shards of the Black Diamond. He plays with them a bit but one of the shards gives him visions that he's covered in leeches! Pat arrives to calm him and warn him never to touch the shards.
  4. Confessions of Wildcat: Courtney calls the JSA together at her home so Yolanda can tell the team she killed Brainwave not the satellite collapse. Rick is the first to defend Yolanda's action. Yolanda asks if Rick's hour was really up when he let Grundy go. Rick says that Yolanda did what she had to do and asks Beth to confirm but Beth says she "doesn't know". Yolanda knows that when they find Eclipso they are going to have to kill him. She thinks she'll be the only JSA member that kills. She'll have to take on that guilt and that burden so the rest of the team doesn't have to. Yolanda, ready to seek god's forgiveness goes back to Church to confess.
  5. Battle with Brainwave: This time Brainwave appears in her vision and is taking over! He appears in physical form out of the confessional. Brainwave claims that while Yolanda stood over his dying body, he synced his mind with hers. Brainwave will take over Yolanda's body and live again! Courtney arrives with the staff to assist and finds Brainwave. To save her friend, Wildcat kills Brainwave again! This time the vision changes and it's Henry who's dying at Wildcat's hand! All of this is revealed to be a vision again and Courtney is there with the staff but not in costume. Courtney puts Yolanda's hand to the staff and she wakes from the nightmare. Yolanda is hurt and now is angry for Courtney making her Wildcat. Yolanda quits the team.

In the final wrap up moments, Courtney is seeking to get to Yolanda but her mother is blocking her at every pass. Her mother quits her job at the diner for her and it feels like her mother is locking Yolanda away from the world. The Whitmore/Dugan family decompress the day's events. They don't blame Yolanda and are sure she did what she had to. With Yolanda seemingly taken out of action we see that young Bruce Gordon aka Eclipso is standing outside of Beth's house. Was he pulling the strings on this the whole time? Beth seems to be his next target!

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#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 7 RecapCatPat 2021-09-22 13:55
Very different from last week's. The tone took me by surprise, as this show is typically light. Good, but different.

Likewise, Supergirl that followed was more serious/emotional than typical. Good pairing.
+1 #2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 7 Recapmuckle9999 2021-09-21 19:52
Considering that last week's action packed episode was the best of the year, it's very difficult to follow that one. It would be like following Jerry Lee Lewis performing Great Balls Of Fire where he sets his piano ablaze after the song. Nearly impossible.
This one had the spooky brainwave mumble jumbo stuff which I'm not a fan. I like Yolanda and her performance was top notch. Her hallucinations remind me of someone having a bad trip on acid. Don't eat the brown acid! 8) I hope she get's her head together and rejoins the team. Again, I miss the musical intro.
+1 #1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 7 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-09-21 19:19
Quite an emotional ride tonight! Good to see the brainwaves again

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