Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 9 Recap

John Wesley Shipp! There are a lot of implications when you bring in the man who's played just about every version of The Flash there's been onto your show. The Golden Age Flash made his debut tonight played by the very talented star John Wesley Shipp, and in doing so, brought an Arrowverse connection to Stargirl's Earth 2 that we haven't seen since Crisis on Infinite Earths! The Flash wasn't alone, however, Joel McHale's Starman returned along with Ethan Embry's Johnny Thunder, Lou Ferrigno Jr.'s Hourman, and Brian Stapf's Wildcat! While it was great to see these members of the original JSA, their purpose was a dark one! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Bruce Gordon: Decades ago, we see how Bruce Gordon was held in the grasp of Eclipso. Bruce can't put the diamond down and through coercion and manipulations he is able to take control of Bruce! Back in Blue Valley, a major storm is coming and the citizens of the town are being told to go home and shelter in place. Courtney tells Pat that she isn't waiting any longer to take on Eclipso. Beth and Courtney will work together to find him. We then head into our second flashback where Dr. Midnider is burying his daughter. Many of the JSA are in attendance. The team gather to discuss options when The Flash arrives. He's got the information on Eclipso and where they think he is. Pat then suffers his first Eclipso vision thinking that he sees a casket in his living room but he is able to shake the vision. All along, young Bruce Gordon's voice is calling Pat a liar!
  2. The Shade: In the next flashback, Pat and Sylvester speak. Pat wants to be more involved. Dr. Midnider is his friend too. Just then The Shade appears and wishes to speak with Sylvester. They adjourn to the shadowland and Pat heads back to the garage. Barbara is on her way home when her car stops and won't turn on again. The storm is intensifying and she could be trapped. In another flashback, Sylvester returns to the garage to share with Pat what he learned from The Shade. Eclipso is not human, but some kind of spiritual parasite. Bruce Gordan has been possessed by it, and Sylvester notes that he saw genuine fear in The Shade's eyes. The only way to stop Eclipso is to kill the host. Pat reminds Sylvester that there is always a way and that Bruce is a victim and needs help.
  3. Cameron Mahkent: Cameron arrives at Courtney's place saying he's been trapped in the storm. He asks where Courtney is, and where Barbara is. Barbara, stuck in her car turns around to see Jordan! Back at the Whitmore/Dugan house, Cameron threatens Mike. His powers are active and Cameron blames Mike. He's going to kill everyone in the house, and Jordan will take his revenge on Barbara at the same time! The truth is it is all a vision and The Shade is able to briefly appear to snap Barbara out of it. She is able to start the car and head home. Mike faces Cameron, but he is also a vision. Courtney gets Mike to touch the staff and bring him out of it.
  4. A Deadly Vote: Pat seems to also be suffering Eclipso's vision attack and he bounces between memory and vision. There is blood on his hands and he keeps trying to wipe it off. In a flashback to the JSA, Flash, Wildcat, Hourman and Starman go to Stripesy to take a vote. They need an odd number in case of a tie. Green Lantern, The Spectre, Dr. Fate, The Hawks (Hawkman and Hawkgirl) have all been defeated by Eclipso and he's vowed to kill them and their families. There is a vote to do what The Shade advised. Kill Bruce Gordon. Hourman and Wildcat vote yes to killing Bruce. Pat and Jay vote no, and the final vote goes to Sylvester. He shocks Pat and votes yes. Pat tries to stop him but Starman is undeterred.
  5. Pat's Vision: Pat is haunted by Bruce Gordon and the JSA members that voted yes to kill Bruce! Courtney arrives in time to get Pat to touch the staff and break his vision. Pat decides to come clean and tells Courtney the truth about how The JSA stopped Eclipso. It was Sylvester that arrived at Bruce's place and killed him to get the diamond out of his control. This act was wrong and Starman notes how awful it was. The JSA were never the same after it and Pat was right not to take a life.

In the final wrap up moments, Courtney goes to confront Barbara who also chose not to tell Courtney about how they stopped Eclipso. The family is shaken and Eclipso's manipulations continue to make him strong.

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#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 9 RecapCatPat 2021-10-07 17:52
For the most part, the OG JSA were kinda sucky. They treated Pat like crap.

It's cool night shade came to Barbara's rescue. But, where is he?
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 9 Recapmuckle9999 2021-10-05 19:42
I thought Mike's bad trip was the most terrifying aided by Cameron's top notch performance. I enjoyed Pat's flashbacks to the old JSA which gave me some understanding of Eclipso. He feeds on fear and guilt which can only be defeated by courage. I must admit that the last scene with the evil little nosepicker gave me the chills.

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