Stargirl's Summer School Season Finale Recap

Season premieres are always fun but they bring along a new set of questions and rarely provide many answers from the previous season. Season finales, however, are usually filled with answers that the audience has been dying for and with Stargirl, that usually pays off big as the show loves to slow burn some big plot points for major payoff! While we've seen Sylvester Pemberton in a few episodes with flashbacks, the one we saw at the end of season one and the one slowly tracking down Pat Dugan has yet to show up in Blue Valley. Will he make his appearance tonight? Joel McHale who plays the first Starman said he did have lines with Brec this season. How will that all play out? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Beth's Parents: We pick up right were we left off. Beth and Charles are confronting Eclipso. We find out that he's taken Beth's parents. He's trapped him in a reccurring loop where they see the worst of Beth and themselves. Jenny has a vision of Courtney defeating them all as Eclipso and begs them not to go. Courtney, Pat, Yolanda and Cindy already left and the sky opens up with Eclipso's energy. Jakeem and Mike work to finish STRIPE and prepare the Thunderbolt. Rick tries to repair the hourglass. Pat goes to find Beth and Charles and Eclipso and takes on Courtney, Cindy and Yolanda. Eclipso challenges each member with themselves in one way or another. Cindy fights a younger version of herself, Yolanda fights the original Wildcat, Pat vs Stripsey and finally Courtney vs Eclipso. He is trying to merge the Shadowlands with Earth and take all humans at once. The two Dr. Midniters are able to free the team from the illusions and Courtney lands a blow on Eclipso but with the Shadowlands so close he is stronger than ever.
  2. No Hourglass Hourman: Rick can't wait any longer and goes de-powered to help his friends. Thunderbolt finally returns with food. They use Thunderbolt to get the engine part they need and Mike arrives in STRIPE to take on Eclipso. Jakeem also arrives and asks Thunderbolt to electrocute Eclipso. Eclipso gets the jump on Jakeem but Rick arrives with Grundy to save the day. Grundy and Eclipso go toe-to-toe for a bit but Eclipso blasts a hole through Grundy. Rick rushes to his friends aid but without the hourglass, he is dispatched quickly.
  3. Eclipso and Pat: Eclipso has Pat and threatens to rip his arms off. All he was trying to do was to get Courtney to have one thread of hate toward him. He can now possess her. With her ability to wield the staff, and his to wield the power of darkness, Eclipso controls both light and dark. The pair begin to merge worlds.
  4. The Shade Returns: With the Shadowlands so close, The Shade is healed and has returned. He saved Beth's parents and suited up the two Dr. Midnites. Cindy sees Courtney possessed and thinks she needs to kill the host. Yolanda stops her and goes to grab the staff. They fail but Sylvester arrives and grabs the staff too! He tells Courtney that if the staff chose her, then it did for a reason and she can fight Eclipso's hold on her. Courtney wins and everyone arrives to stop Eclipso, They blast him with the light of Green Lantern, The Cosmic Staff and Thunderbolt's energy. Eclipso is reduced to toast!
  5. Summer: The JSA along with Jenny all realize they are better together. Yolanda is back on the team for good. Dr. MidNider is going to leave and Beth is going to say goodbye. Pat and Courtney discuss Sylvester's return. Pat expresses how proud he is of Courtney. They were able to beat Eclipso because of her. Sylvester arrives to confirm he doesn't want the staff back but he can show her what all it can do. Beth tells Chuck that he has a ten year old son and that his wife is still around. Chuck officially passes the baton on to Beth. Mike and Jakeem talk about starting their own team. Cameron's grandparents see the mural and agree it's time to tell him about his family.

In the final season finale wrap up moments, Yolanda leaves church only to find CIndy waiting for her. Cindy wants to join the JSA. Rick buries Grundy in a nice place in the forest. The Shade stops him to tell him he needs to bury him in the right place at the right time. Additionally, The Shade has decided to stick around Blue Valley! Beth's parents decided not to get divorced. They are too excited to be the parents of a superhero. They want to build a new suit for her. At Courtney's house all the team is a flutter! The last day of Summer school has come and Sylvester is setting up the basement. Just then the Crock family arrives to say welcome to the neighborhood!

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#4 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Season Finale Recaprtrek 2021-11-04 12:22
Kind of surprised this recap didn't mention the Helix. Seems pretty important for the future.
#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Season Finale RecapCatPat 2021-11-03 11:15
Quoting RobertAnthony:
WHAT A SEASON FINALE! Better I think than anything Supergirl could do.
Let me say this...Stargirl did not suffer a sophomore slump despite this dark tone it took with the thing of nightmares Eclipso.

No sure about the first part... Supergirl has delivered some really good finales. But, I definitely agree Stargirl did not suffer a sophomore slump. Really enjoyed season 2.
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Season Finale RecapCatPat 2021-11-03 11:03
Great finish to a mostly awesome season 2. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a dark eclioso Stargirl, but it did a great Job concluding this arc and setting up Season 3: Frenemies and it looks like new trouble is heading to Nebraska. I thought we hit the ending when the Crocks showed up but there was that one final surprise.
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Season Finale RecapRobertAnthony 2021-11-02 18:30
WHAT A SEASON FINALE! Better I think than anything Supergirl could do.

Beth's parents decided not to get divorced. They are too excited to be the parents of a superhero.

But...that Thunderbolt he is trouble. Quote:
Eclipso is reduced to toast!

I loved the humor from t-bolt and all this action. I feel sad that Stargirl won't be back until next year.

Let me say this...Stargirl did not suffer a sophomore slump despite this dark tone it took with the thing of nightmares Eclipso.

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