Stargirl Season 1 Featurette

We are less than a day away from the debut of Stargirl and we couldn't be more excited to see your reactions and feelings on this groundbreaking new show! The CW has released a short featurette that shares behind the scenes shots, cast interviews, and new action scenes that we haven't seen before! In the video, we see how this show is going to cover family issues, high school issues and superhero issues. There is a big emphasis on how big STRIPE is as well. In a very short scene we can see Courtney standing in front of STRIPE and he's huge! Luke Wilson even goes on to say the robot is 17 feet tall! Check out the featurette video below:

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#1 RE: Stargirl Season 1 FeaturetteCatPat 2020-05-18 11:00
I will watch it on CW... all but those 8 minutes that had to be cut... lol

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