Stargirl Season 1 Finale Recap

It's been called the best superhero show on television period! Stargirl has blasted incredible summertime ratings, held captive two network audiences and brought to life a modern day story of Golden Age superheroes all while paying high honor to Geoff Johns' late sister! This has been an incredible journey that we are so excited to have shared with you, but now it's time for us to put a bow on season 1. Fear not though, with a season 2 already confirmed for The CW, this isn't goodbye, just see you soon! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Three Minutes Ago: Fiddler's son, the Tuba Turd, smacked down the bully that's been bothering him. Just then, Project New America rises out from underneath the high school football field! The adults are frozen in place under Brainwave's control. STRIPE under Brainwave's control begins to fight Startgirl. Courtney is able to reach Pat by calling herself Pat's daughter. Dr. Midnite realizes that the tunnels have signal blockers. She starts to hack the Gambler's money to pull his attention away allowing her to turn the tunnel blockers back on. This frees Sir Justin and Pat.
  2. JSA vs ISA: The JSA and ISA meet in the Dragon King's lair. They all begin pairing off when Shiv's cage is opened. She ends up killing her own father for locking her up. The JSA end up switching opponents and are able to defeat the ISA but Solomon Grundy is freed and STRIPE and Hourman take him on. Stargirl is ambushed by Shiv so only Wildcat can make it to the machine. Brainwave loops his signal to reprogram America and leaves to go help kill the JSA. He appears to Wildcat as Henry King Jr. but makes a mistake by saying "where are your friends". This makes Wildcat realize it was really Brainwave in her head and she cuts his throat. Brainwave was too dangerous to live.
  3. Breaking the Machine: Stargirl blasts Shiv and heads to join Wildcat. STRIPE gets torn apart by Grundy but Hourman is there to save Pat. Stargirl uses the staff to bring down the radar dishes saving all the adults. Jordan, however, finds Dr Midnite and freezes her goggles killing Chuck. He blasts Beth and takes off with Barbara, Hourman holds off Grundy while Wildcat, Pat and Courtney head to Barbara's aid. Jordan takes Barbara to the top of the tower in Blue Valley and shows her what he built. He brought back Blue Valley. Jordan pleads for Barbara to understand his point of view but with her rejecting him, he says he's going to kill them all. Pat appears to distract Jordan from throwing Barbara off the roof. Jordan asks how is Pat going to stop him and he says "with their daughter" as Courtney blasts him.
  4. Grundy is Spared: Hourman's hate for Grundy gives him the upper hand but when Grundy shows he is just acting out of nature, Hourman realizes he is just some dumb animal. Hourman let's go of his anger and tells Grundy to run away. The beast is spared and Hourman has closure. Back on the tower, Icicle, Stargirl and Barbara are knocked off and start to fall. Pat catches Barbara and Wildcat jumps to save Courtney. Icicle lands in the street just as Mike hits him with the truck shattering him into pieces!
  5. Victory: The JSA sit in the stadium of the High School looking and noting how it looks like nothing happened. Yolanda reflects on killing Brainwave and Beth mourns Chuck but Courtney and Rick are there to console them. Sir Justin is going to head out to find his fellow heroes he lost. Pat notes that there will be other dragons to slay and Justin is happy to remember he has purpose. The JSA then send him off.

In the final wrap up moments, we see Shade return to the ISA headquarters. Shiv looks through old ISA artifacts and finds a prison holding Eclipso. We cut to six weeks later. The JSA are all celebrating Christmas together at the Whitmore house. Courtney gives Pat the gift she's been holding for her dad since the first episode. It's a "World's Greatest Dad" mug like Barbara has (mom). The Whitmores and Dugans have never been more of a family and with her JSA friends with her, the future is looking bright. The staff visits Courtney's room wanting to go for a play flight. We close with Courtney patroling Blue Valley as Stargirl with STRIPE at her side! The final scene we are back in California. We see someone who looks very much like Courtney's real dad visiting an old apartment of Pat's. Turns out he is actually Sylvester Pemberton, the real Starman!

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#9 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapStewart 2020-08-18 19:02
I think you're right!
And if they were "mindless zombies", then it makes sense that Wildcat could easily get the better of them by running up the walls and jumping on top of them. They weren't programmed to deal with those kinds of movements, so they were unable to respond effectively to them.
+1 #8 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapLibertyPrime 2020-08-16 16:57
Quoting George Phillies:
She may regret killing Brainwave, but she seems to be skipping over the pack of minions she also dispatched.

I thought it had been established that the minions were mindless zombies? Or did I misremember...?
#7 YolandaGeorge Phillies 2020-08-14 18:14
She may regret killing Brainwave, but she seems to be skipping over the pack of minions she also dispatched.
+1 #6 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapLibertyPrime 2020-08-13 13:25
A worthy end to an outstanding debut season!

The show has been a joy to watch from beginning to end--definitely worth the wait.

I'm a fan of the Shade, so next season cannot arrive quickly enough.
+2 #5 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapCatPat 2020-08-12 13:18
I was totally expecting Henry to pop up and not be dead... then it was a fakeout.
I still wonder if he is dead...

Excellent finale.
+2 #4 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale Recapmuckle9999 2020-08-11 18:33
I'm sorry to see this wonderful and joyful season end. From the opening episode to the finale it was a fun ride. My thanks to the administrator for keeping us updated with news on the show and for providing this forum.
I thought the finale was a good one with plenty of action and a somewhat happy ending. All the JSA members came up aces especially Rick who showed how a true hero acts. Loved the music throughout the season and hope it continues in season 2 which can't come soon enough for me. I wonder what the show has in store for Cameron next season.
The only negative was the Christmas light bulb necklace that Barbara was wearing.
+1 #3 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapRobertAnthony 2020-08-11 18:03
Massive Myriad vibes here in this "Fallen Angels 2.0" to wrap up an excellent maiden voyage for Stargirl.

The Gambler went BANKRUPT thanks to Chuck (RIP Big Guy!)

Shiv killing her father...THAT'S MEAN!!!!

Loved how the fight scene was just like one long take


Brainwave was playing mind games ...AND LOST!

Courtney, you have Kara beat when it comes to destroying a mind meld by a mile.

Hourman's hate for Grundy gives him the upper hand but when Grundy shows he is just acting out of nature, Hourman realizes he is just some dumb animal. Hourman let's go of his anger and tells Grundy to run away. The beast is spared and Hourman has closure.
Character growth right there.

Jordan is an egomaniac the level of Bill Gates!

Icicle lands in the street just as Mike hits him with the truck shattering him into pieces
Kind of a phoned in writing job on a low level character like Mike.

Sir Justin is kind of like Maxwell Lord from Supergirl season 1...a character w/potential, but set aside.

Somehow I think Eclipso and Shade will be the big bads in season 2.

And this season began with Christmas, so we get the full circle...Bobby Helms' Jingle Bell Rock and all.

The snow-capped trees in those great shots and seeing Old Glory flying...that's America to me.

I really enjoyed this season of Stargirl and look forward to season 2. But quite a shock to end this season seeing Starman.

This was worth the hype and hope in a year plagued by a virus, anti-American behavior and lack of respect.
+1 #2 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapStewart 2020-08-11 07:05
Well, it depends on how you look at it. Those newbies may have been barely trained in "superheroics", but Beth (with the aid of Chuck) has top-notch computer skills (equal to the Gambler's). And Icicle (apparently) killed Starman by shooting an icicle through his back, not in a face to face confrontation. Stargirl didn't beat Icicle in their final fight; it was a draw, and they both fell off the tower. When Mike hit Icicle with the truck, he was in his "frozen" state, so his body was easily shattered. So it was a lucky break - a case of "being in the right place at the right time".
Well, I was wrong about Mike getting powers and becoming a new member of the JSA. But now I get what the writers did with him. He's the "kid sidekick", who doesn't have powers, but sometimes solves the puzzle, or helps the team secure victory in another way. In other words, he's playing the same role that Snapper Carr did in the Silver Age Justice League comics.
Just one thing, though - About that opening scene at "Blue Valley High School". TV screenwriters - you keep getting it wrong! The average American public-school teacher today is a 42-year-old white woman, with a master's degree more often than not. The teaching workforce today is not dominated by people over 55, and is not predominantly male (yes, I'm an exception). Stop portraying high schools as if it were still 1975!
#1 RE: Stargirl Season 1 Finale RecapRJP 2020-08-11 02:02
I may be alone in this but I'll say it anyway, I thought it was a weak finale to an excellent first season. The problem for me is that we are talking about an Injustice Society that defeated and killed almost all members of the Justice Society. Their defeat at the hands of a bunch of barely trained newbies was way too easy. The idea that Icicle was able to murder Starman (or not, depending on the significance of the final scene), and yet was easily despatched by being run over by a vehicle, seems odd.

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