Stargirl Season 2 Release Time Revealed

As Arrowverse and Superman fans gathered around the television tonight to welcome the brand new Geoff Johns produced show, Stargirl fans got a sneaky surprise! We've long been wondering when Stargirl would return to our tvs on The CW for season 2 and while we didn't get a date, we did get a timeframe, if that makes sense. Stargirl is set to return this summer. Does that mean late May, or could it mean August? We aren't sure. The show is filming currently and as always it looks like they are having so much fun! We estimate that they are probably filming around episode 9 right now. So if the schedule holds, Stargirl could make an early summer debut! Regardless, we can't wait! Check out the teaser below:

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#1 RE: Stargirl Season 2 Release Time RevealedCatPat 2021-02-24 15:42
CW released its " mid season" schedule that kicks off in April.

Sunday, May 2, with DC's Legends of Tomorrow at 8/7 p.m., followed by Batwoman at its new time.

No mention of Stargirl or Supergirl.

However, technically Summer starts June 20. I would be up for a Stargirl and Supergirl one-two combo punch.

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