Stargirl Season 2 Trailer Released

Surprise Stargirl fans! Today is a very special day for the heroes of Earth 2! The Justice Society of America is back in action and we are getting our first look at what season two is all about! First of all, the action is there, the drama is there and two brand new threads appear very prominently in the trailer! Green Lantern's Daughter, Jade, is here with her right to his ring! Second, Shade has made his way out of the shadows and is bringing his form of chaos to Blue Valley. We even get some hints as to where the ISA members are, many are dead but Shiv is missing and Tigress and Sportsmaster are locked up. What does this mean for Artemis? Do yourself a favor and check out the trailer for season two below:

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#2 RE: Stargirl Season 2 Trailer ReleasedStewart 2021-06-18 17:50
Well, it looks like the "villain from the old days" is the Mad Hatter!
+1 #1 RE: Stargirl Season 2 Trailer ReleasedCatPat 2021-06-14 12:42
Looking forward to it! Season 2 seems to be packed with a lot of new characters.

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