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History, Mystery, Brightness and Terror. These are the four descriptions that stand out in Stargirl. Created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, Stargirl's character name, appearance, and personality were patterned after Johns' sister Courtney, who died in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. With that kind of tragedy, it is easy to see how this show means a lot to it's main show runner Geoff Johns. That love and care is clearly seen through the first five episodes of the series (note, has seen the first five episodes at the time of this review). The following are our first impressions on this pivotal show and what fans can expect from the newest DC property to appear on television. While we will make every effort not to spoil the story, reading further will give details about the show not necessarily known (proceed with discretion).


There is a lot of DC lore that surrounds Stargirl. Courtney's path to becoming the hero she is, begins with the mighty defeat of the Justice Society of America. The heroes like Starman, Wildcat, Dr, Midnite, Hourman and others have lost at the hands of their arch enemy, The Injustice Society of America. STRIPE aka Pat Dugan, is charged with protecting the remains of the Justice Society of America until his step daughter, Courtney, finds the cosmic staff. We start with the word History because in this show, America used to know the Justice Society of America. They were around for a while before their demise. Each hero has their own link to the past and that is all explored which leads us to "mystery".


There is a lot going on that as an audience member we are left trying to figure out. How was the JSA defeated? What is happening in Blue Valley? How did all these moving parts lead up to the Dugan family moving to Nebraska? In every episode you get a little bit more of the whole picture. There are plenty of Easter Eggs to find as well. Figuring out the whole story is definitely part of the fun of this show.


Speaking of fun, Brec Bassinger shines as Courtney Whitmore! Courtney is a regular high school student in the beginning. Her mother has found love again with Pat Dugan and Pat has a son as well. We don't know the specifics but this new family sets out on a new path that takes them to Nebraska. Brec's performance as the teen girl stripped from her old home town and thrown into a smaller high school where everyone knows everyone else's business is perfect. But where Brec really shines is as Stargirl. Brec makes you believe that Courtney can find the best in everyone and as she comes more and more into her own, Stargirl really kicks butt! This show will be different than anything on The CW today.


One thing not missing from this show certainly is the terror that the Injustice Society can bring. These villains are nothing short of brutal! Stargirl (the show) really allows them to use their powers at the height of their ability. The CGI work is STUNNING which makes these villains even more terrifying! If you're a DC Comics fan, you've likely seen the "villain of the week" style on other tv shows. Someone gets ice powers and they start throwing ice daggers. Stargirl is so far from that. The way everyone uses their powers is simply ingenious. You will be surprised at what some of these heroes and villains can do.

Additional Thoughts:

The relationship between Luke Wilson's Pat Dugan and Brec Bassinger's Courtney Whitmore takes center stage. The show skillfully explores the very difficult relationship between the two. Pat's duty as a father to Courtney is never left out of the picture. Courtney's ability to inspire her step-father to do more and be more is also at the forefront of this show. The chemistry between Luke and Brec really shines in every episode. The two are always trying to find a balance at being partners and being father daughter.

Having only seen the first five episodes we can still easily claim this to be our favorite superhero show on TV today! DC fans will love all the great DC knowledge hidden in Stargirl but family and friends who don't know that history are going to find SO MUCH to love about Stargirl. As Geoff Johns said in his introduction to the press about this show, "If you are watching [Stargirl] I hope it’s to take a break from [real life concerns] and I’d encourage you to watch STARGIRL with your family." We couldn't agree more.

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