Stargirl Summer School Chapter 1 Recap

Welcome back Stargirl fans! Today is the day! We are so excited for you to finally get to see the premiere of Stargirl's second season! Season one of the show cemented the new JSA as heroes of Blue Valley, Nebraska and of the majority of the United States. The good guys fought the bad guys and the good guys came out on top! This season, showrunner and executive producer, Geoff Johns, is taking inspiration from the horror films he saw growing up. This isn't just the good vs. the bad, this is good vs. true evil! With new teammates and new villains appearing, Stargirl's Justice Society of America is really going to have to level it up! Here's what stood out to us in the premiere:

  1. A Visit to McNider's Past: The season opens in a time well before even the original JSA seemed to have formed. A mother and daughter are arguing over the daughter's ability to go to the neighborhood birthday party. The mother says no and the young girl goes to sit outside and watch the party from afar. A young boy appears and entices the girl to head across the street to the party. She is almost hit by a car but continues forward. The boy then begins to manipulate the girl into taking a present that was meant for the birthday girl. She does, opening it to see a distorted doll. The boy, who's face falls into a cresent moon shape, tells the girl she's been bad. The mother arrives at the party to discover the young girl dead, the camera pans to reveal this was at the McNider home.
  2. Patrol And Save Blue Valley: Stargirl and the other members of the JSA are out patrolling the city. Courtney and friends aren't finding much to protect now that the ISA has been dispatched. Beth's goggles are working in default mode but no Chuck. Courtney is obsessed with being Stargirl and sorts through the old JSA files seeking a villain to stand up against. Pat is able to counsel Courtney to go to bed but as the pair ascend the stairs the Green Lantern begins to glow. The next morning Pat begins planning the family summer vacation! Courtney and Mike vote to skip the vacation but Barbara, Pat and the dog vote to go and a Yellowstone vacation is planned.
  3. Team Troubles: We check in on Beth who is still trying to repair Chuck and is making food for her parents. They again seem to ignore her and shove off to work in a hurry. Beth discovers a petition for divorce in the mail and learns that her parents are considering separating. We then join Rick who's got his classic Mustang up and running. On the radio he hears of bears breaking into restaurants and eating massive amounts of food. Rick pulls up to an area of the forest where he believes that it isn't bears that are breaking into places but its actually Solomon Grundy. Yolanda is also struggling with her faith since she was the one that killed Brainwave. She goes to church to seek comfort and perhaps confession but she can't bring herself to say what she's done. She is haunted with hearing the echo of Brainwave's power in her head.
  4. Preparing for Vacation: Courtney and Yolanda walk to school and Courtney asks Yolanda to keep her in the loop while she is out. She is planning on a quick return if something should happen while gone. Cameron Mahkent has returned to the town but Yolanda holds Courtney back from speaking with him. Pat partners with the junkyard manager to keep his shop open while on vacation. Rick aces his test but his teacher has such a low opinion of him that she assumes he cheated. Rick is exasperated with the treatment just says to fail him. At school, Courtney, Yolanda and Beth have lunch. Artemis is explaining that her parents are in jail for an old crime that she thinks is ridiculous. Artemis goes to hand a friend his hockey stick back and Courtney takes it as an attack and puts Artemis down. This sends Courtney to the new principal's office.
  5. Summer School: Pat, Barbara and Courtney are in the principal's office. Courtney has given so much into being Stargirl that she failed a few classes and is now being forced to take summer school to stay on course. This cancels the big vacation that Pat planned. We cut to Sylvester Pemberton who is still on the hunt for Stripesy. He's found Pat's ex-wife and is trying to find where Pat has gone. Courtney and Cameron meet and we discover he is painting a mural to his dad. He is staying with his grandparents who weren't implicated in the ISA take down. Zeke, who is taking care of Pat's shop has already found STRIPE and doesn't question it. "Sometimes a man just needs a robot". Zeke has plans to add a flamethrower to STRIPE. Rick, thinking he's found where Grundy might be hiding, takes him buckets of chicken to eat so he won't break into restaurants again. Beth tries to prepare a forced romantic evening for her parents but they again ignore her. The goggles spring to life and Chuck is there. But Chuck doesn't seem to remember Beth and the goggles shut down on her.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Courtney continues her hunt for a villain to take down but has no luck. The staff and Courtney sense danger in her home and go to investigate in the kitchen! An intruder has indeed appeared and has stolen the Green Lantern! Courtney and this intruder go toe to toe! It's only Courtney's experience as Stargirl that gives her a slight advantage. In the end, the two stop fighting and we are introduced to Green Lantern's daughter! Now that the house is decently damaged, the rest of the family walk in on Courtney and Jenny. Back in the high school, Cindy Burman has returned and walks into the ISA tunnels where she plans on recruiting the children of the ISA. As she lays out her photos for recruitment, she includes Mike Dugan!! Cindy has the Black Diamond and it is in her service!

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#4 RE: Stargirl Summer School Chapter 1 RecapRobertAnthony 2021-08-13 10:02
Quoting Digging Dugan:
Quoting muckle9999:
Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues

This show has some of the best music. Very family friendly and fun! Great premiere, I want to know more about that Dark Diamond thing and Green Lantern's daughter

Music on.

The tone of this episode got me thinking of a hybrid of Stranger Things and a WPIX 11 all-time favorite The Twilight Zone.
+1 #3 RE: Stargirl Summer School Chapter 1 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-08-12 10:40
Quoting muckle9999:
Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues

This show has some of the best music. Very family friendly and fun! Great premiere, I want to know more about that Dark Diamond thing and Green Lantern's daughter
#2 RE: Stargirl Summer School Chapter 1 RecapCatPat 2021-08-12 08:41
A very busy episode but enjoyable...

I am curious to learn more about Green Lantern's daughter. What took Pat and the rest so long to come see what was happening? I was starting to thing Courtney was home alone.

You'd think Pat would have a better lock on the door where he keeps Stripes!

My favorite scene was Cindy placing the picture of Mike in her pile of recruits. It seems intriguing as I suspect Mike will continue to feel left out and will likely be ripe for the plucking. Does Mike remind anyone else of Bud Bundy?
+1 #1 RE: Stargirl Summer School Chapter 1 Recapmuckle9999 2021-08-10 19:26
This was an intriguing premier episode to start off season 2. Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues got the episode off with a little old rock and roll. 8) I thought there was a lot to unpack with everything that was going on with the JSA. We were left with a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up somewhat in the next episode. I'm sure the opening scene will make sense to me down the road.

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