Stargirl Summer School Chapter 2 Trailer

WOW! Tonight's all new Stargirl was incredible! Left us on a very big tease! Courtney and the Whitmore/Dugan family are going to have to figure out what this Green Lantern wielding intruder wants and if her intentions are good or for something else. Even more sinister is the return of Cindy Burman, who Rick and the other JSA members thought was crushed when the satellite transmitter was destroyed last season. She clearly has plans for recruiting more of the ISA children into her own villain team. Shockingly she's got Mike in her line up. Scariest fact of all though is that she's got the Black Diamond and it has said it is ready to serve her! Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode of Stargirl below!

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#1 Some bad news.RobertAnthony 2021-08-17 16:42
Namely that not only will Stargirl not be seen in NYC on WPIX, but so will Superman and Lois. :sad: That's because of the second half of a day night doubleheader between the Yankees and that Boston baseball team (my nickname for the Red Sox). HOWEVER...both shows will be seen this Saturday night from 8-10, according to PIX 11's website.

But...there comes some good news...from CW 11's website. Their entertainment reporter Ojinika Obiekwe speaks to...none other than Wildcat AKA Yvette Monreal. :-)

The interview was posted on WPIX's website today.

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