The Fate of the Young ISA Still On Geoff Johns' Mind

By now we all know that Courtney Whitmore and her freshly recruited new JSA were victorious over the old ISA in Blue Valley! While the season finale still leaves us with a smile on our faces and a feeling of semi-completion, series creator Geoff Johns still left plenty for us to question and explore in season 2. Among some of the teases were Shiv finding the "The Heart of Darkness" which contains the spirit of "Wrath". When combined with a human host, this spirit becomes Eclipso! Of course there was the big reveal that Starman isn't dead, or at least someone pretending to be Starman which leads to all sorts of questions. While these teases are certainly at the forefront of what we want answers to in season 2, during a brief interview with Geoff Johns, TV Line's Matt Mitovich discovered that Stella Smith's Artemis Crock and Hunter Sansone's Cameron Mahkent will also be further explored in season 2.

DC Comics fans, or even DC Universe users may remember both of these characters from Young Justice. In that show, Cameron follows in his father's footsteps and becomes a villain, but Artemis sheds her father and mother's evil ways and takes on the mantle of "Artemis" greek god and archer, a member of the Justice League. Could we be getting a new member of the JSA? Only time will tell.

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#2 Court/Camrtrek 2020-09-28 13:16
I kind of wonder if they will develop a relationship and then Cameron will find out what really happened to his father and Courtney's role in it and hate her for it becoming more of a villain than his father and breaking her heart in the process.
#1 RE: The Fate of the Young ISA Still On Geoff Johns' MindCatPat 2020-09-26 18:19
Since they were flirting with a Courtney/Cameron ship, I wondered if Cameron was going to be good in this iteration, but likely its an opposites attract set up. CW will likely be keen to explore the teen angst angle.

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