The Justice Society Episode 6 Synopsis

Ok Stargirl fans, we are now heading into uncharted waters! Press sites (like us) have had the ability to watch the first five episodes but we didn't know anything about the sixth. That changes today because The CW has just released the official episode title and synopsis for the sixth episode! It's titled, "The Justice Society" and features the new team gearing up for their first real major mission. Pat Dugan, however, finds out about Courtney's new plan to recruit new members and cautions her on the dangers that presents which has Courtney questioning her actions. Read the full synopsis for youreself below:

THE POWERS THAT BE — Courtney (Brec Bassinger) makes a difficult decision after Pat (Luke Wilson) confronts her about the potential consequences of recruiting new members to the JSA. Elsewhere, Barbara (Amy Smart) shows up in support of Mike’s (Trae Romano) science fair, and Courtney, Yolanda (Yvette Monreal), Beth (Anjelika Washington) and Rick (Cameron Gellman) prepare for their first major mission. Neil Jackson and Hunter Sansone also star. Chris Manley directed the episode written by Taylor Streitz (#106). Original airdate 6/23/2020.

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+1 #1 RE: The Justice Society Episode 6 SynopsisCatPat 2020-06-07 20:21
I wonder if the owl takes to Beth as the new Dr. Mid-Nite.

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