What Characters Should Join Stargirl?

Rumors are continuing to surround Stargirl, DC Universe's next big show to join their proprietary network. Three characters that we know are being cast are Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl herself and joining her is Yolanda Montez (Wildcat) and Pat Dugan (Stripsy). But if the rumors are true and Courtney will be responsible for developing a new generation of the classic and epic team, Justice Society of America, then Stargirl, Stripesy and Wildcat might find themselves a little short-handed. Much like another DC Universe show, Young Justice, there is an attraction to brining on a few more younger heroes to mold into the next generation of superheros. Here are a few of our choices that we would like to see join Stargirl on her freshman season:

  1. 0006 cyclone CYCLONE had a short run within the JSA comics in the early 2000s, but her interactions with Courtney were hilarious. Her power set is perfect for this kind of show. She isn't over-powered, but she could be a great asset to Stargirl's newly forming team. Maxine Hunkel has that perfect record 4.0 GPA kind of feel and while in the comics she was 19, it would be very easy for the show to reduce her age a little bit and have her go to Blue Valley High with Yolanda and Courtney.
  2. 0006 artemis ARTEMIS has had a live action version on The CW's Arrow but her version was vastly different than what we've come to love on Young Justice. Having an archer on the team without any other powers would bring that vigilante representation that the JSA needs. Again as before, Artemis Crock's age could easily be changed to fit in the younger high school dynamic the show is looking to cast and she could even be from a rival high school to add a little drama and spice within the JSA.
  3. 0006 hourmanHOURMAN was a member of the JSA known for his vitamin formula that gives him superhuman strength and speed for 60 minutes. Rex Tyler could help Pat Dugan be a mentor for the new team and potentially act as mission leader. The show could even remake the character and have Rex's son take on the role of Hourman much like The CW's Supergirl repurposed Winslow Schott as a supporting character for Supergirl. Rex Tyler Junior could be the successor to the original Hourman from the JSA.
  4. 0006 greenlanternGREEN LANTERN has a massive universe almost all to his own. The Green Lantern Corp could be a whole show or series on its own which is why Alan Scott's version, traditionally affiliated with the JSA would be a perfect way to bring in the powers of a Green Lantern without having to address the corps. The best part about Alan Scott is that he is dependent on his ring like Courtney will be on her staff. Without her staff, she won't have her powers and Alan can mentor her in the importance of being a hero while working safely with her totem.
  5. 0006 terra TERRA might be our wildcard idea, but she does bring some pretty cool options. With her powers, Terra could be a powerhouse on the team. Combine her with Cyclone and you'd have a Earth and Wind kind of duality that could be very fun. Additonally, she could have a great learning curve to her powers that writers could work with. If she is the strongest on the team but scared to use her powers, you instantly have a hero's journey at your fingertips.

We admit that the team might be a little female heavy for now but it will all come down to how Mad Dog Productions' Executive President Geoff Johns and his partners at Berlanti Productions decided to build the show. Stargirl may not even need many team members at this point because for now, the rebuilding of the JSA is just a rumor! Either way, we can't wait!

Let us know what you think of these suggestions and make your own in the comments below and in the forum!

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#2 Green LanternDigging Dugan 2018-08-26 19:39
I say Lantern would be amazing but is he too CG heavy? I mean they didn't do a good Green Lantern movie, being a supporting character on a show could work or not work just as easily.
#1 RE: What Characters Should Join Stargirl?StargirlFan 2018-08-26 19:29
Personally, I'd like to see Cyclone in the mix. Would enjoy some levity in the show and a more light-hearted approach within the story arcs.

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