Ethan Embry to Play Original Johnny Thunder

Oh my gosh, this is SO COOL! See what we did there? All joking aside, today, has learned that "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Vegas Vacation" star Ethan Embry will join the Justice Society of America as original Johnny Thunder! In season 1 of Stargirl, Pat Dugan most notably states that of all the Justice Society gear that Courtney stole, the pink pen was very much the most dangerous object the JSA had! reported earlier that the pen will find it's way to Jakeem Thunder played by Alkoya Brunson in season two. The how and why of it remain a mystery but like this show has done so well in the past, its all about the legacy of the JSA and seeing another original member is ... so cool!

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+1 #1 RE: Ethan Embry to Play Original Johnny ThunderCatPat 2021-07-02 18:22
I am hoping the show maintains its charm from season 1. It and now S&L have given renewed hope for Arrowverse.

Looking forward to the Summer/Fall Stargirl/Supergirl combo.

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